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Opening Times

Monday to Friday  9am – 5pm
Saturday 10am 4pm

Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays

Christmas Opening Times
Christmas Eve 9am – 12pm
We will be closed beween Christmas and New Year
We reopen on
Tuesday 4th January 2022

Paper and Labels
We cater for all your printing needs with quality paper, colour card, photo paper and labels.

General Stationery
Everything you need for
the office including notepads, folders, envelopes and much more! 

Inks and Toners
Original and compatible inks and laser toners for HP, Canon and Epson printers.

Craft Supplies
Get crafty with our range of,specialist card,crepe papar, glitter, stickers plus
much more!

Pens and highlighters
An array of biros, whiteboard and flipchart pens, art pencils and fine liners.

Home and office stationery, ink toners, school and craft supplies.

 Printing and Photocopying

Black on 80gsm paper                                    Price per copy*


                                                                              A4        A3

                                                                              20p      30p                                                                              50+     15p       25p
                                                                 100+    10p       20p
                                                                 200+      5p       10p

                                                   *If copy printing is straight forward.

Colour on 90gsm paper                                  Price per copy*                               

                                                                               A4        A3
                                                                              50p     £1.00
                                                                  20+      40p       80p
                                                                  50+      30p       70p  

                                                                100+      25p       60p                                                                          500+      20p       50p

  *If copy printing is straight forward. 

From email or USB stick

If we are printing from email or USB stick, we have a minimum charge of £1. This includes up to five B&W or two A4 prints.

Additional charges apply for folding and stapling.

Please pop in, ring or email us for a quote before starting a large job.

 Office Services


Price per sheet                                                          A4        A3

                                                              1-9                £1.00      £1.50                                                                   10+                  80p     £1.20

Comb Binding

Including front and back covers

                                                              Up to 49 pages             £5.00
                                                              50-99 pages                 £6.00

                                              Over 100 pages (per bind))          £7.00


Minimum charge £3.00 per document up to5 pages), then 35p per additional page.

Scanned PDF will be emailed to you or saved on your USB stick.


UK                £2.00 first page then £1.00 each additional page

Non-UK        £3.00 per page

Document Design and Alteration

If you need us to create a document, or if your own requires us to do a major re-design, we will add the following to your printing charge:

 £5.00 for the first half hour, then

 £10.00 for each additional half hour 

Email us for a pricelist, a quote or to see if the item you need is available
for delivery to our shop. Delivery is usually within a few days.